Keeping Unwanted Pests Out Of The Home

Uninvited pests, such as cockroaches, ants, spiders and rodents can make a house an unpleasant place to live. While a professional pest control company can help to eradicate these pests from a home, it is helpful to eliminate their reasons for coming into the house. The following steps may help to keep a home free of bugs and rodents.

Many pests move inside looking for water. Homeowners can reduce the likelihood of an invasion by fixing leaking plumbing. In addition, locate and eliminate other water sources. Do not forget to empty drip trays under potted plants as they can provide enough water to draw the uninvited guests.

Pests also come inside to find food. In homes equipped with garbage disposals, make it a habit to run the disposal regularly. Never leave scraps in the disposal but allow it to run each time it is used and flush with lots of water. Other scraps should be kept in sealed containers. Be sure that someone is assigned the task of removing the trash to from the house each night before bedtime.

Keep pet food and water put away overnight. Inside a home, the food and water can draw small nocturnal pests. On the outside of the home, pet food or water dishes may bring larger pests, including squirrels, raccoons, skunks or other wild game. Provide only the amount of food your pet will consume daily and empty food and water containers before heading to bed.

Be sure to seal any hiding places or entry ways for pests. Cracks, crevices and other openings around pipes, cabinets and baseboards should be caulked. Remember that a mouse can enter a home through any opening it is able to fit its head. Openings as small as a dime will allow mice and insects free access to the home.

If pesticides have been applied around the home, be sure to keep both children and pets away from the areas. The technician applying the pesticide can offer further advice at preventing more pests from creating a problem. He or she can also provide information as to when it is safe to allow pets back into a treated area.

Although pesticides can provide effective control of pests entering a home, making the home less inviting to these creatures is often a better option. Be sure all foods and drinks the pests might find interesting are kept sealed away from their access. Often prevention is a better option for pest control than attempting to remedy the problem after it begins.